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      If you have ever tracked a record you bought on Discogs or Amazon, you might have noticed it start in New Jersey, then travel to Kentucky, California, Ohio, and then across the border to Toronto and then to your town, and then...finally...to your house!

      That’s 6 warehouses, 6 or more handlers, 6 trucks, and with all that movement, there’s a big chance your CD jewel case will get cracked, your record spine will split, or your vinyl will shift in the inner sleeve leading to damage.

      That’s why we make our packaging bulletproof.

      Each item requires different care. With a unique combination of bubble wrap, separation of items in the package, extra cardboard, and lots of packing tape, we make sure your item arrives to you safely.

      With over 20 years experience in shipping internationally, you can trust me with your purchase.

      How much does it cost to ship a record to my location?

      Shipping rates vary based on location. Share your postal code to get a quote. We use Canada Post exclusively. We only charge for shipping, not handling. Many records we ship end up being $15-$20 in Canada.

      How can I ensure my item arrives safely?

      We recommend you register for Flex Delivery with Canada Post and pick up your item at the post office. It’s slightly inconvenient but not as bad as losing a package. We also add tracking so you know exactly when a delivery is happening.

      How long does it take to ship my record?

      Delivery times vary based on location. Add 3-5 days for handling as we ship twice a week.  

      Do you ship internationally?

      Yes, we require insurance and tracking on all international packages and use Tracked Packet International with Canada Post for items under $100 and Express Post International for items over $100. Please note some countries require import fees.

      How do I know the condition of a record if I can’t see it in person?

      Our grading policy is based on Goldmine standards, which means we visually grade the record, cover, inserts, and label.  All records are at minimum VG+ and professionally cleaned. We play test records upon request. https://www.goldminemag.com/collector-resources/record-grading-101

      What if I get the record and I disagree with your grading, or the record skips?

      Email me at garyzap1@hotmail.com . I accept returns and refunds on defects within 30 days.